The location of Elkaza villas is really a strategic place for those who wish to be close to the action of the center and nightlife but still a bit away from the crowds. The villas are located on the main street of Agiou Athanasiou and that means you can park your car or scooter just outside your house. Or you may park it and enjoy nightlife or sunset walks around on foot.

What can you do in Santorini

Food: If you love greek tasty food then your choices here goes beyond any expectation(give a try to our local small tomato, Fava or white eggplants all raised up without a drop of water) that;s why their taste is so unique.

Why you should visit Santorini

Budget: Surprisingly, living on a budget in Santorini is not as challenging as one might think, Sunsets: Best place to watch the most romantic Sunsets, Beaches:In Santorini you will meet three different kind of sand Beaches (black, red, white).